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INFO FOR EU CUSTOMERS - no customs duties in EU,  our warehouse is located in Poland (member of European Union)

According to the new regulation of the European Union, from July 1, 2021, we are obliged to issue an invoice with the VAT rate and to pay this tax to the country of the ordering party. So far, our store is not technically prepared to add the VAT rate of the consumer's country, so we cannot apply any discount for customers in the EU. The prices in our store includes VAT applicable in Poland. Example Extra Virgin Olive Oil  VAT in Poland = 5% (included the price) in case of order from Country of higher VAT rate we must pay extra to this transactions.

VAT for Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Austria 20% Belgium 6% Bulgaria 20% Croatia 13% Cyprus 19% Czech Republic 15% Denmark 25% Estonia 20% Finland 14% France 5.5% Greece 13% Spain 10% The Netherlands 9% Ireland 23% Lithuania 21% Luxembourg 3% Malta 0% Germany 7% Poland 5% Portugal 6% Romania 9% Sweden 12% Slovakia 20% Slovenia 9.5% Hungary 27% Italy 4% Latvia 21%


Info from UK custom house: In the case of shipments of goods with a value in excess of £135 (>150€) products value+shipping cost, the UK buyer will in principle be regarded as the importer. Import VAT applies at the UK border and is borne by the UK buyer. Extra Virgin Olive Oil CN15091020, Now/Nordic products CN 210690  VAT in UK =20%. TNT/FEDEX/DHL The Deferment Processing Fee (DPF) is administration fee for the use of deferment account. The DPF is calculated on the following tariff: £0-£400=£20.00+20% VAT / shipping, £400.01 and over 5% of the amount invoiced +20% VAT. 

Example: order from UK customer EVOO value 148.65€ + shipping cost 16.46€  =165.11€  , Customer had to pay 56.38£ (2.52£ duties type , 29.86£ UK VAT, 20£ DPF Fee, 4£ VAT DPF Fee)

We don't have influence on duty charges and VAT taxes in countrys outside European Union. We cannot label the sales "as a gift" because this is crime (for customs duties purposes). Shipping cost falls into the custom charges as well. Customs randomly checks all payments!  In case the value of the order exceeds the border duty free, we suggest making 2 separate orders and 2 separate shipments.


We don't have influence on customs duty policy in India. We know that in India additional costs are >75% order value and the customs clearance process is very complicated. Please consider your purchases, in the event of resignation from collecting the parcel from India customs office , we will be charged with customs costs and the costs of disposing of the parcel. We have 1-3 such cases per month, due to high additional costs, sales to India are unprofitable and we are considering excluding India from the list of shipments.

Info from Indian custom duty office: Duty charge Extra virgin olive oil CTH 98049000 = 35%+10%+28% = overall 77.28% (products value+shipping cost). Some customs offices also charge additional delivery costs "courier to cargo transfer" 5000-6000 INR. We know from customers that TNT Fedex customs officers are very incompetent, the customs procedure takes a long time and the value of the duty varies greatly. We have also DHL shipping option, where the whole process is more transparent and the duty charged can be much less than  TNT/Fedex rates. Unfortunately, DHL shipping cost is higher than TNT / Fedex. 

Example: We sent the customer two identical parcels, one TNT / Fedex, the other DHL. Products cost 19.82EUR, shipping cost 25,62 EUR , total amount for customs duty: 45.44EUR

Calculated duty in India:

TNT/Fedex 3778.53 INR , the customs process took about 2 weeks DHL 2087,20 INR, the customs process took about 2 days

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