Oliwa Physis of Crete EV aroma EGIZIA 250ml

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Product Description

Extra virgin olive oil in luxurious bottles odda – 200ml. Contains pure herbs and spices that give a spicy flavor to your salads and dishes. Contains pure oregano mountain , white and black mustard , spicy peppers and secret additions of rare natural ingredients. Rarely products for those who love luxury at their table in conjunction with pure products.

What you need to know about olive oil

▪ Olive oil is considered healthy food due to its content of monounsaturated fat and is a key element of the Mediterranean diet. Extracted from the olives by pressing.
▪ The olives are picked before their final maturation, when words are green aubergines, since the quality of the oil is much better than that of the oil extracted from the fully ripe fruit.
▪ The "virgin olive oil" is oil 'natural juice', containing intact all the key ingredients also contained in the olives (Vitamins, trace, Microdata etc) and consequently that which has all the beneficial health properties.
▪ The "virgin olive oil" are classified according to their content of free fatty acids (acidity) and any particular characteristics for each category.

TOP class is considered as extra virgin olive oil and represents all our products. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (acuity ≤ 0,3%)

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