Miód karobowy "Ancient LAPPA" 230g

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Carob honey is somewhat rare and is available through commercial Carob tree farming.
Harvested in the autumn, Carob honey is dark amber and crystallizes easily into a soft coarse texture.

This delicious honey has a warm flavor with a medium aromatic intensity. It is infused with chocolate and herbal overtones and has a slightly bitter aftertaste. It is a unique and delicious honey.

Our “Ancient Lappa Carob Honey” is named after the ancient Cretan town of Lappa.

Lappa was a significant, powerful Cretan city. In Mycenaean legends, it was believed to have been founded by Greek hero Agamemnon. Lappa is situated 27km southwest from Rethymno city . Argyroupolis is the present-day village built on the site of the ancient city. It is a place with rich vegetation and many natural water springs. Parts of many houses in Argyroupoliscome from ancient or Venetian buildings. Beautiful Venetian mansions still stand in many parts of the village and are still inhabited. Excavations in the area have uncovered interesting finds, the oldest of which date from the Late Geometric period.

Ancient Lappa territory lied in south Rethymno , reaching from the Cretan to the Libyan Sea.

Today, in the northwest area of Argyroupolis, the vegetation is very rich and there are small, beautiful water falls. In older times, the water power was used to grind grain. The water mills still stand today.

The flora of the area is quite interesting. You can follow the beautiful path through the springs and visit the cave which houses Agios Ioannis or Agia Dynami church and from which Mouselas river springs.

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